Friday, April 20, 2007

MacBook Pro separation anxiety

It would seem that not having a laptop would cause more withdrawal for me than it has at this point. I dropped off my MBP at the local Apple Retail Store this past Sunday so that they could take repair/replace the loose hinge that causes the lid to fall closed under it's own weight. They called me Sunday night saying that they needed to order a part for it since the hinge had to be replaced instead of adjusted.

What really confused me is that I brought the MBP in Friday night for them to look at and they said they needed to order a part for it, so they let me take my portable home with me until they got the part in. They then called me Saturday saying they had the part in, thus I brought it back in on Sunday.Now I could have gone back to the Apple Store and picked it up until they got the new part in again, but I figured that if I did that, it would take an "additional" 7-10 days for them to have it fixed once I brought the MBP back in again and I'm not in the mood to play games with them on this. I figure I'll give them their 7-10 days from Sunday and bitch and complain loudly if it ain't fixed by then.

Blah. enough of my rant. They really have me pissed off. I want my portable back and I want it now. I paid $2500 for a laptop and I expect nothing less than perfection.

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